SIMTISYS (Simulator for Moving Target Indicator System) is an FP7 Copernicus research and development project in the field of support to Maritime Surveillance. Over its 30-month duration, the SIMTISYS project aims to support the use of space-borne radar mounted on single or formation-flying satellites through the development of a software suimulator.

Such systems have proven to be pivotal in enhancing the EU’s capabilities to undertake efficient Maritime Surveillance. In fact, radar systems mounted on satellites flying in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) above the open waters of the oceans and seas may become invaluable means to monitor these challenging environments, and a source of critical information during rescue operations.

SIMTISYS support the development of next generation radar satellite capabilities to improve citizen security and environmental monitoring.

The NEWA (New European WAtcher) FP7 project initiated a review of the state-of-the-art in EU competencies for effective Moving Target Indication by Space Based Radar (MTI SBR) technologies. The SIMTISYS project builds on NEWA's work in developing and implementing a simulator for an MTI system, which is an important precursor for the developnment of advanced operational services in the area of moving target identification. SIMTISYS will support the integration of data coming from different platforms. The simulator supports users in deciding what kind of data they require before making a request, making the process of requesting Space data more efficient.

The development of European capabilities for effective MTI SBR can be exploited for a range of policy purposes, including Border Surveillance, Maritime Traffic monitoring, Environmental Protection and Fisheries Control. 

SIMTISYS's simulator will be a useful and powerful tool, which will assist users (e.g. coast guard authorities) with the detection and tracking of small vessels in the context of pre-defined scenarios.

The involvement of user groups, through interviews with industrial players and institutions that were conducted within NEWA, allows SIMITSYS to explore technological solutions in response to concrete user demands, rendering the output of this project valuable in both technological and practical terms.

The SIMTISYS consortium includes seven partners from three European countries with extensive experience in the field of Maritime Surveillance and space-based tools.