Copernicus Support to Maritime Surveillance

Maritime Surveillance is one of the three priority areas addressed by the Security dimension of Copernicus, together with Border Control and Support to EU External Action.

In the area of Maritime Surveillance, the overall objective of the European Union is to ensure the safe use of sea and to secure Europe’s maritime borders.

Before the Copernicus services in support of Maritime Surveillance can be deployed in an operational mode, further research needs to be carried out. This is why the European Commission is funding three projects under the FP7 Research Framework Programme: DOLPHIN, NEREIDS, and SIMTISYS.

The DOLPHIN, NEREIDS, and SIMTISYS projects aim to improve space-based Maritime Surveillance techniques in order to support activities in the areas of EU Border Surveillance, Traffic Safety and Fisheries Control, and to develop an integrated vision of Maritime Policy and Maritime Surveillance.